Daa sá i tuwáa sigóo Gowukàn Káh yéi isaneiyí?

by Ian Miles

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A story of Monsters, dreaming deer and misfortune.


released June 1, 2011

All music and lyrics written and performed by Ian Miles. Guest vocals on Rite of Spring by Catrina Meline.
Inspired by Devon Kelley.

Thank yous in no specific order: Momma, Devon, Catrina, Razziq, Shyana, Marcus, Zach, Doe, Anthony, Sack, Jeff, Kevin, Lindsae, Mikhael, Josh, Lily, Blake, Emily, Karla, Ryan, Terra, Ethan, Mandy, Carol, Cassie, Dustin, Tony everyone I forgot to name and every kid at every venue, house, porch, street or hill that has come to support my music y'all fuckin' rule.



all rights reserved


Ian Miles Spokane

Ian Miles is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Spokane, WA.
His Music has been described and "a little cool and a little weird – in a good way" and "very story-telling".
Sometimes mellow and bittersweet; a songbird at your window sill and at other times a thunderous full-throated roar of emotive stomping and hollering like a wild preacher of the end-times!
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Track Name: The Dream Ends
Dance with me my darling here tonight
to the quiet song of the universe.
We are to rejoice the dotted sky of twinkling light
as if it brought our hands together
and if you see the stars before I do
tell me where to look to see the same.
If I spot the oncoming traffic
I'll take the wheel and steer us out of the way.

We were only strangers when we introduced ourselves
I felt my heartbeat and you disappeared again.
Then after a few years of torturing myself
I read somewhere that you had had a baby
and I tied a string around my neck.

Then there was that time when you were somebody else
someone I knew so much better than myself.
I studied how you thought until I thought just like you
then I hated everything I was alone.
I packed my things and I left my home
I held your hand until I knew I was just holding onto you.

Now those stars up there,
well they can shine or they can die
'cause where I'm going I don't need no light.
Track Name: Song for the Foolish Wanderer
I've been out walking
through the icy valleys
where the gray devours all the light.
Leaving us to wander
against our knowing better.
We could die in our sleep tonight.
If we had dreams what would we see?

The tired lines that run across our face?
Hills of gold, with love?
Her warm embrace?
Your mother or the one who left you alone?

So as I lay me down to sleep
I wonder who it is you keep
inside your heart
as we say goodnight.
For I keep you like
these mountains of ice
that carve the land
all bereft of light
and Hollywood sights.
What do we see?

The fire that I built to keep you safe
displays my shadow as the one who walks away!
The tired the lines that run across my face
are hills of gold with love, your warm embrace.
My lover! I'm the one who left you alone!

Let the fire be the only sound you hear
and go to sleep my dear, let nothing cause you fear.

Let your heart be!
The only one you trust!
So when you wake
set course my dear, go where you must!
Track Name: When the Devil Laughs
I'll walk everywhere I go
Let nature be our killer
I'll be victim, you be dagger
-and we'll dance until the blood dries up.
So that when you run away
I'll bear the wounds of a martyr
Who intends only to be
Swept away into some gutter where I'll wilt and drift asunder.
When the devil laughs I'll laugh harder.

I'll walk everywhere I go
Because I don't intend to run.
I'll accept every earthly
and unholy power I may face
upon the hour of my death
My gait it will not slow
For I'll be tasting with salted tongue
Disappointments unseasoned flavors.
Yes I will suck, and I will savor every one.
When the devil laughs I'll laugh harder.
Track Name: Grandma says, "Watch out!"
Grandma says, "Watch out,
Oh sweet princes!
For there are wolves about.
Oh, and witches with wide and open mouths
that swim this river
with reasons the same as ours."
And you best believe her
For I have seen the hounds
and heard the song
of lips curled-up and round!

I've walked this forest
I know these paths like my hand,
And I've seen the people
Wander out into the water from the sand!

Away they sing,
Away they sank.
Track Name: Reversal Spell
This morning I awoke
to find my hair had wove itself to yours.

This morning I awoke
to find my blanket sewn in stitches that were yours.

But this morning I awoke
to cast your name into a fire
and watch it burn away.

When all you hold sacred turns out to be a lie.
Clip the angels of their wings and make them fly.
for with this bottle of wine I behead tonight.
victorious am I.


I fell in love with a princess
who claimed to wait inside a tower.
The closer I got to her
she only seemed further away.
Now on this anniversary
of my stupidity
I wish this spell be cast aweigh.

Deep six the witch and let us haunted lovers lie
for all her wicked tricks we do not deserve to die.
Track Name: Pride
Your shroud of turin is soaked in holy blood.
Look at the stains on your ribcage I ignored
to write your hymns!
Over the shoulder see the eyes of holy ghosts
whispering your secret truths through your hollow grin.
And you appear to be lying,
as for the moment; too important to spoil with the truth.

Your red door is kept safe; Guarded by black lab.
His boundaries and marked by a white and picket fence,
but through the windows
I see the bloodshot wicked pains of your teeth-clenched
In a smile as a defense.

The ring around your finger never ends,
but don't let it kill you.
I know the truth.
Track Name: The Kushtaka Speaks
Come now little ones
I am your Uncle Lost-at-sea
Though I look different than you will remember
don't be afraid of me.

Close now little ones
I mean no harm to you
your father's tired from fishing
though his nets they bear no fruit

follow my shadow
for as long as you hear my voice
and I will show you something
that'll make my brother proud of you boys

Now the fish don't run in the places
where your father guides his hook
so come with me to a secret bay
that's just around the rock
and I'll guide your boat home
before the raven wakes.
Track Name: Reflection
I was a stripe of white paint
poured heavy and slow
like honey from the bear's skull.
I stretched in the sun
in the shadows on the ground.
When the whip cracked I was little to none.

I was asleep when the house caught fire
curtains ablaze
blanked shield me from the light.

I don't want to wake up again

I heard a voice on a record today
that said that,
"Dreams only last 'til they come true."
I thought about her
and I knew that was truth.
I knelt down to pray all my lucky-stars would fall
and I vowed to step so light that I never leave a trace.
As the clock-hands searched around for it's face
I lost track of all time and space
in the desperation of simple hours.

I'll sleep through this housefire as it burns into buildings
then the city and the entire nation can cyclone around me
because I don't want to wake up again.
I don't want to pretend I'm friends
with anyone, ever again!
Oh blanket! Shield me from the light!
Track Name: Wrath
From my lonely tower I beseech the forces of your flame,
cursing the monuments I once saw in thy name.
For I suffered through your wounds,
feeling everything you felt.
I put a price on every losing hand you were dealt.

I'll use the holes in my faith to shoot holes in your sky,
and you my victim will be pierced with arrows of new light.
For with this sickness,
winds of mercy: They do not blow.
This is unforgiving light and all of your weakness show.

I'll find your forest and burn down all your pine!

I'll wish pain and great misfortune on you and your home
For only when under such great weight are you alone.

I do not doubt your innocence
but I doubt that you see mine!
I'll find your forest and burn down all your pine!

For I once saw your face
In every fog and stranger on the street
but now I damn them all with no reason
but to triumph self-defeat.

I'll convince the queen
that all of her drones have fallen ill
And bequeath this kingdom of it's flowers
with my will.

I'll find your forest and burn down all your pine!

I'll head east to the woods and take root in colder soil
and just wait there for Satan to drag me back to hell.
Track Name: A Rite of Spring
The impatience of this heart have blossomed
a certain natural clock is set to tick
though it's already tired of talking to itself.
I walked down to where the ocean meets the rocks
and let the coldest water rise up to my knees
I took every step with care
as to never leave a mark
in case the ones that I once loved had followed me.
I drew blood from the air and let it fill my empty chest
I gave hell to all my ghosts and sent them to drown
there are no roads I want to follow anymore
and the only place I know they'll never pave
is the one between here and there
and I listened for an answer in the waves.
Track Name: The Decision
Daa sá i tuwáa sigóo Gowukàn Káh yéi isaneiyí?
Track Name: O! My Dear, My Deer!
I followed bridges down
To the center of a town.
I felt the shadows, like heavy blankets
Bearing down.

In them almost every night
I am bundled tight
Recalling the lights I saw
from incoming flights.

My feet were not made for this stone.

Though my grandma was a wolf
I was born hoofed,
And in my dreams I am a man,
Walking proud in buildings; shaking hands.

I've been a foolish animal!

I can barely see the treeline,
Or feel the safety in my home.
I've been looking for a springtime
In a year I'll never know.
Oh my deer! My dear,
I can feel it in my bones!
I know the moon is behind the street lights,
And the stars are brighter than the flames
Of the fire in streets tonight!

I ran down the tunnels
I was running from the city
Where I knew no one could find me
I was running towards the branches
I was running towards my home
I was running towards the witches who said,
"Grow your antlers son, and take horn!
Hoof to the forest, where you're always home!"

I know the moon is behind the streelights
And the stars shine brighter than the fire in the street tonight.

"Grow your antlers son, and take horn!
Hoof to the forest, where you're always home!"