I Too Carry Such Grey Light

by Ian Miles



released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Ian Miles Spokane

Ian Miles is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Spokane, WA.
His Music has been described and "a little cool and a little weird – in a good way" and "very story-telling".
Sometimes mellow and bittersweet; a songbird at your window sill and at other times a thunderous full-throated roar of emotive stomping and hollering like a wild preacher of the end-times!
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Track Name: A letter to the lonely hunter
Dear Hunter,
Go to sleep in your pine
As lonely as my bones
are marching slow.
Are you a muscle in my chest
or just a wild thing with no home
Dragging me along?

Hunter, while you're listening
may I ask another question?
how does it feel to have control?
If there are rivers underground
and there are rivers inside me
which should I attempt to sail
if ever I should need escape the ghost
haunting my skin
but he's the only one I have
I share him with someone else
he's my miscarried son.
Oh hunter I know you know.
Let's leave the forest for the trees.
Oh hunter I know you know
let's leave the forest for the hunting
and sleep in the pine.

Oh hunter I know it hurts
but alone is how we came,
and hunter I know it hurts
I'll keep you warm if you keep me alive.

Oh Hunter, when we were young,
we used to talk about how heavy things could be.
Oh Hunter, when we were young,
we used to talk about how empty things could be.
Track Name: Too Soon
I went to the house where you were born
Hoping to find something of yours
a memory perhaps of you and the Bee King
a footprint in the garden from when you still believed
in God and and magic
But he's gone, gone, gone

I imagine all the time I spent in traffic just to get here
is my reaching fingers escape through the wispy veil of death
between us now
but it seems here though you're just a cloud of smoke
from candles just burnt out
8,741 days too soon
You're gone, gone, gone

When you screamed, "Daddy, Daddy you bastard I'm through!"
I thought, "Oh my God! I'm in love with you!
I'd stick my head in an oven to be close to you."

But if God were really out there
wouldn't you still be here?
and if God were really out there
would I write love songs to dead authors?

8,741 days too soon
Too soon