The Pine Tree State

by Ian Miles

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released March 24, 2010



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Ian Miles Spokane

Ian Miles is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Spokane, WA.
His Music has been described and "a little cool and a little weird – in a good way" and "very story-telling".
Sometimes mellow and bittersweet; a songbird at your window sill and at other times a thunderous full-throated roar of emotive stomping and hollering like a wild preacher of the end-times!
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Track Name: Time Travel
If I’m digging a hole and you’re jumping in the air
Tell me you love me and you’ll meet me sometime, somewhere
Maybe in a dream of south station
This time getting on a train and leaving Boston
Side by side

I know you agree with the picture I see
Boasted on the mantle in our future home
And you look so pretty standing next to me
And I look proud just to be there
Side by side

I’ve been writing theories
And studying prospective diagrams
That support the construct of a time machine
That we can slip between the fingers of you and me
And made up of only materials we know
Time is just a fabric we can fold it if we want
Cause when the summer comes we won’t let it end this year
And we’ll never have to spend another night apart
Because the clocks won’t move if we don’t want them to
As we tangle up the threads of time and space
Side by side
Track Name: Suicide Pt. I
Open the doors and let the sun soak the dust
buzzing around the childhood.
Today is a special day.
the cars line up,
and everyone says, "The love was so good."

Pallbearers are birthday guests
when we celebrate the anointment
of the slender bone hand of death
wrapping the heart up like a present.

look at my stupid grin.
Track Name: City Under Snow
She drops her white summer dress to the floor
The lights go out; cars spin and crash
Everything’s a quiet audience
To the snowflakes kissing the leaves from the branch
It all looks dead
Except for the concrete monsters
With a million brilliant eyes
Keeping close vigil with the same view
As the moon floating silently by
There is a god here
Swelling in my chest
I want to scream your name
And put oceans to rest
The minds of bundled children
Grow as thick as the snow is deep
As they dig through the white jungles
That grew while they were asleep
A city under snow
Track Name: le piège pour des ours et il est deux moitiés
Ugly bloody little red picking
And pulls the heart
From it’s teeth
Or the metal will keep digging
Old skin stretched over new bones
Molded like temptation
She beckons whoever’s alone
For asphyxiation
What pretty teeth you have; all steel
Hiding in the brush for an unsuspecting heel
If an ugly boy is screaming
For help out in the woods
Nobody hears him
So he cries only for you
As I raise a white flag to reflect
The barren jar so aptly titled self respect
As I the fool take the bait
The two halves of a bear trap bite my leg
Track Name: The Breadth Of My Bones
In my just woke up and still tired eyes
Everyone turned their backs and walked away
what had I done in my sleep?
Where did I go in my dreams?
and I clung to what little made sense
with shaky hands like leaves
fittering in the smoke of a forest fire
it's flames were the echo of your voice
that brought me in to life
and it flittered hot and bright
an electric whip crack
and I too was disembodied
like ash I was suspended almost dancing on the air
for a minute at most
and the exciting memory of you saying my name
played over and over in my head
like a tape loop
that my father's father carved
into the strains that make me him
but for that minute I knew only you
and I found comfort in that chaos
I was crazy and I was calm
I shifted from solid to gas then from black to orange
I was sleeping in your car
I was startled by the spark
I was running up the stairs that I knew so well
but somehow forgot there was nine and not ten
and my foot fell with more weight than I was carrying

in my just woke up and still tired eyes
everyone was not turning their backs
not a single quickstep was taken in my offense
I had done nothing in my sleep
but dream I was somewhere else with you
and everything made sense
like volatile and thin plants catch flame
and the leaves of the greater trees
dance in warmth naturally, and with pride
and I thanked my fathers for their wisdom
I was shown absolutely and apparently
the breadth of my bones
and how clearly you were carved across them