A Child with the Legs of a Man

by Ian Miles

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This is the story of me realizing I'd been running away.


released November 6, 2010

Ian Miles: All music and voices



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Ian Miles Spokane

Ian Miles is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Spokane, WA.
His Music has been described and "a little cool and a little weird – in a good way" and "very story-telling".
Sometimes mellow and bittersweet; a songbird at your window sill and at other times a thunderous full-throated roar of emotive stomping and hollering like a wild preacher of the end-times!
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Track Name: Song for the foolish Wanderer
I've been out walking
through the icy valleys
where the gray devours all the light.
Leaving us to wander
against our knowing better.
We could die in our sleep tonight.
If we had dreams what would we see?

The tired lines that run across our face?
Hills of gold, with love?
Her warm embrace?
Your mother or the one who left you alone?

So as I lay me down to sleep
I wonder who it is you keep
inside your heart
as we say goodnight.
For I keep you like
these mountains of ice
that carve the land
all bereft of light
and Hollywood sights.
What do we see?

The fire that I built to keep you safe
displays my shadow as the one who walks away!
The tired the lines that run across my face
are hills of gold with love, your warm embrace.
My lover! I'm the one who left you alone!

Let the fire be the only sound you hear
and go to sleep my dear, let nothing cause you fear.

Let your heart be!
The only one you trust!
So when you wake
set course my dear, go where you must!
Track Name: Song for the Lost Children
We were a bunch of children
whose legs grew up and ran
away from home
and away from where we belong.
we felt strong,
but we were only children.
We bought fire from men who looked like kings
but quickly we grew unclean and alone.

We carried on burning flags and leaving breadcrumbs.
We traded our favorite toys for others' bedrooms.
We left our souls while we fucked in silence.
For what?!

We thought there was something.
Something brighter than
the neon gods in tavern windows.
We learned to forget our parables
in the liquid twilight.

We turned our radios up
and learned to sing along!

Tell me I'm a man now
and I'll tell you I love you.
Even though we both know,
or at least we think we know,
we're incapable of something so adult.
Track Name: The Liar's Revolution or Song for My Fictitious Love Affair with a Stranger
You've been faking all your nightmares all so well
I can see the blood in your teeth when you smile
and I've been talking like a killer
but walking like a priest when you come around.
So take my hand and walk with me
for just a little while.
For our soft hands and callous tongues
are weapons and beautiful songs.
So when the liars revolt
we'll all be free.

I love you as a girl I see in windows
when I'm walking down the street
and I think, "What am I so afraid of?
And who am I really kidding but me?"
So I put my hands inside my pockets
and keep counting all the miles
that I walk away from you.
Wondering if you saw me too.
So when the liars revolt
you'll be standing next to me singing

I will never meet you
but I'm sure glad I've seen you.
Track Name: Song for the Orphanage Heart
First came the good news
in the way that you said,
"I am your home, I made you this bed."
I fell asleep smiling,
and I wasn't alone.

Then came the bad news
in the way that you said,
"I am your home, I made you this bed."
I fell asleep smiling,
though I wasn't alone.
No, I wasn't alone.

I found your heart was an orphanage heart.

You knew I was an orphan
held my head as I wept
I listened to your heartbeat
under your soft breast.
You said, "I am your home."
I listened to you hum
some beautiful song.
It made me come,
and it made me calm.

You didn't make me but I came
over a black country under a net of soft lights.
All dressed up in clothes I thought you'd like.
Track Name: Song for the Dreamsick Wanderer
I found a test of salt
in the eaves of a dream.
My nerves fought to endure
the rapid movements of my eyes,
but the hallways and the stories
my sleeping brain made up
tangled tighter than the knots
you tied me in your lies.

In turbulent floral-print linen
you become one with him,
while I hang hidden outside of your window
humming, "Let me go."

Desperation is in the eye of the beholder
and you keep one hooked right above his shoulder.
On a bed sheet ladder in a dream
your eyes are a color unknown to me.

In turbulent floral-print linen
you become one with him,
while I hang hidden outside of your window
humming, "Let me go."

your tongue was sharp and sly
and piercing in a way only you could.
your skin was a poison that would kill me
in a way that only you could.

In turbulent floral-print linen
you become one with him,
while I hang hidden outside of your window
screaming, "Let me go."
Track Name: Y'know what the difference is between me and you? You've got a bad attitude! or Song for the Child with the Legs of a Man
This will be the last
bloody night of rock and roll
because you like Presley
and I love Costello.

I to the right and you to the left
could turn and draw our guns,
or I to the left and you to the right
could turn our backs and run!

Our lives and our hells
run parallel.
We could forget it or just settle
it's just as well.

We'll never intersect
and we'll never be just fine
if we keep using the lines
that got so scratched into our minds
from the songs we've heard so many times!

This will be the last time
we will lose control.
I will not let this go.
There are some things you need to know.

I am afraid of attachment,
but I am afraid of losing you.
I am afraid of affection,
but if you don't touch me you don't love me.

You don't love me.

This will be the last bloody night of rock and roll
because you like Presley,
and I love Costello.

Bring me the heads of all of my ex-girlfriends
all of my lost friends, and my father too.
Bring me the heads of all of my future lovers
I want to see them all twisted and screaming too.
Track Name: Fucked Forever
We can't reverse this
but we can traverse this
maze of sandstone.
This canyon it speaks to your bones
and you can regret your entire life if you like,
but I'll be waiting on bended knee
just to hear you say,
"We have rehearsed this
but our work is worthless!
a few short years and then we all die alone?!"
We are only sweat and only bone
trying to make it on our own.
But sometimes you have to say fuck it
and throw all caution to the wind
because like the river
all things come back again.
so what we throw away
will throw us away in the end.
I've talked to strangers
and I've learned the dangers
of killer turnpikes
attuned to strips of road spikes
and the evil cracks in the street
marking my feet for my potential defeat:
I'm fucked, I'm fucked, I'm fucked!

I'm so lost I'm in no hurry to find my way home.
So please don't tell me when you're going,
just if you go.