Songs From The City

by Ian Miles

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Dedicated to Cassie Kirkeby, Dustin Caroll, Brad Bird, and Tony James.


released March 28, 2010

All songs are by Ian Miles and The City We Live In, and performed by Ian Miles.



all rights reserved


Ian Miles Spokane

Ian Miles is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Spokane, WA.
His Music has been described and "a little cool and a little weird – in a good way" and "very story-telling".
Sometimes mellow and bittersweet; a songbird at your window sill and at other times a thunderous full-throated roar of emotive stomping and hollering like a wild preacher of the end-times!
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Track Name: Shredatron
One day I'll take a white-winged coffin
Across tiny oceans
I won't have to dig the dirt from my fingernails
just to prove that I'm okay or I'll die happy

And one day at the foot of a sleeping giant
I'll imitate in silent jest
A pine bent whispered into my sleeping ear
something for me only to hear

Lay your bones among your own stones
Alode your own stones and roots
For if the stars should fall like rome
You'll be wearing your sunday suit.
Track Name: Brisingamen's Curse
We built a fire here
Long before we had eyes
Under the blanket of formlessness
We found our way into the light
Everything was growing
Up from underground
Just like new-born babies
Know their mothers by their sound
I could hear your voice
But I didn’t know you from the trees
So I starting chasing everything
Until I got burnt by the fire that we made

There’s a gilded noose around my neck
And it’s far too thin to see
It’s tethered to and between
Everything I want and me
On a collision course with split-ends
I walk it like a tight rope
Finding my conclusions to be nothing
But another fork in the road
But I read the rules
And I know just how it ends
When my luck runs out and the slack is cut
I’ll be hanging by a thread

I could upturn every single stone
But I would never find anything
Because it’s not how or where I’m looking
But how I see what I already have
Track Name: Treeline
We've come far from the treeline
to find destiny at high tide
headed for distant shorelines
and just a single boat wide

nestled in the waves
depressed and on parade
with painted face
and empty places where our hearts were
where our hearts were

I'm not ready for this,
Don't let them in,
Don't let them in,
Don't let them in!

Will it be a clear night?
or maelstrom?
Will there be a warning?
Will there be time to run?
Is this the winter?
Is this the winter?
Is this the winter that we crave?
Track Name: They're Coming To Get You Barbara!
Go pick up my gun
it's right above the fireplace
firmly in your clutch
they're coming from the dark

and whose house is this?
Whose hands can she still feel?
and who sleeps between these sheets
between her body and yours?

no one should have to know this
oh no one should have to know this
but I do

Barbara get the keys
take my car to town
buy yourself a nice dress
wear it through the seams

and whose mistress are you
for I have no one for me
and I could put all I have into you
for your lips they look so sweet

and no one will have to know
oh no one will have to know
about us

a band of morning workhorse
drawing in the faint light
they pass just like the leaves
the cavalcade has come

because nothing changes here
oh we shoot what we can kill
and whosoever should cross our path
of their meat we'll make a meal

and the sea will ride the tide
oh the sea will rush to shore
once more
Track Name: Idlewild
This is not wishful thinking
I swear that I am lying
On the edge of my bed
my hands holding my head
rekindling hatred over and over
forgiving all evil-doers
just trying to remember what I did
When I was sober

This is the place I wanna be
This is the place that I choose to die in

and the sky never looked so pretty
as when it opened up and ate me
then spit me out on the street
where I splattered like a glass of wine

and I just cleaned my body
so when someone finds me
it will not be dirty
just ugly and empty
I'm going out tonight
the stars are way too bright
they're burning up the sky
it doesn't matter if I live or die

and if I make it home before morning
Then I will have made it home alive

And the lines of the highway didn't take me
neither did the rocks under the bridge
I must have realized I was happy
because I'm where I want to be
and the sky never looked so pretty
as when it opened up and ate me
then spit me out on the street
where I splattered like a glass of wine
Track Name: Trumpet
Forced to the trees
the orange faced choir
with pale and failing voices
huddle round the campfire
to hum low like machines
and recall when they
could sing in the light

I want to see the desert
I want to see the doors of Boston
I wish my tongue was worth more
than a trumpet played for the first time

there was a time before
any of us knew they were there
as apparent as a shadow
but as important as the sun
they sang the soundtrack to our days
the only reward: our bootmark
for we cast no coins
we just walk by
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

I want to see the train smoke
I want to kneel to new altars
I want to raise my bones like hands to the sky
I want to see the desert
I want to see the parthenon
I want to feel the power of an unknowable spirit
because right now I can't tell a storm from a star
and everyday I have to ask where we are
and your voice sounds better
than a trumpet played for the first time
I mean really played, really played.